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Having been on the fitness scene of a great many years, I’ve been able to test and modify training systems to maximise their potential. I began weight training and martial arts training at the age of 17. I soon realised the benefits of keeping healthy and the effects of exercise on my physique. I went from a skinny teenager to having a well proportioned muscular body that most would be proud of. As with most people when one becomes older and the pressures of everyday life take over, while I was still training others, I stopped training. At which point I began piling on the pounds, to an extent where I was clinically obese. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to prove some of the training theories that I had researched and developed. If I can go from FAT to FIT then I can teach others to do the same with confidence. The proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say. With my self designed training programme I was able to go from 97kilos to 75kilos in less than 12 months, and to my current level of fitness in less than 18 months.

I now weigh just over 70 kilos with a body fat percentage in single digits. All this I did on a pure vegetarian diet with no additional supplements. Many people live under the misconception that vegetarians cannot build muscle mass, I believe that you can do anything if you are willing to make the effort. With my own achievements I am able to inspire others to reach their full potential. So what’s the difference between my training system and any other? Well, I have spent endless hours in the gym and at home perfecting techniques for lifts and generic exercises. I’ve experimented with every exercise to see which part of the body it impacts and the best way to perform it to maximise the benefits. So when I design a programme, it is tailored to specific effort levels, areas of impact and the highest level of gain, based on your individual needs; this is why most of my clients find that they progress much faster with me than other trainers and is also the reason why I was able to shed the weight quickly and safely.

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Bodybuilding and bodybuilding on a vegetarian diet

Fat loss and weight loss

Diet and nutrition

Asian vegetarian nutrition

Sports injuries and sport specific training

Personalised metabolic profiling

Clients with disabilities and certain medical conditions


Sessions   (Click for more info)

First Session: 1 1/2 hours

On the first session we will discuss your current health, any medical conditions, requirements and any goals you want to achieve; record all information relating to your current level of fitness, calculate your personal training zones (fat burning, cardio, aerobic, endurance etc). You will then be assessed during your workout. With this information, an individual Lean Intensive Fitness Training programme will be designed for you.

Progressive Sessions: 1 Hour each

With all following sessions we will monitor your progress and make sure you are working to your full potential, by following your personal Lean Intensive Fitness Training programme. Exercises will vary from week to week depending on the improvements made. We are so confident that you will improve; we will give you two free sessions worth £70, if no improvements have been made in the first four weeks. (Providing you have followed the guidelines set out in your Lean Intensive Fitness Training Programme) offer not extended to Personalised 12 week written programme when no actual sessions are booked.
Single Session (1 Hour)
8 Session Multi-booking
12 Weeks
(2 sessions per week)

10 Session Gift Voucher
*Limited to one per customer
- £40
- £240 (save £80)
- £600 (save £360)

- £250*

Programmes   (Click for more info)

We aim to provide you with as much information and training guides as possible, whether you train at a gym or at home, we adjust the training programme accordingly once you have provided us with some core information.

What you can expect to achieve with your plan;

Weight Loss:
The plan is designed around your requirements, so if you wish to lose weight, then the plan will be designed to maximise the weight loss. Most of our clients see the benefits within the first two weeks, with a weight loss training programme. On average a loss of between 2lbs to 5lbs per week has been recorded. That’s approximately 24-60lbs over the 12 week period.

Strength, Endurance, performance Training:
With a strength training programme, you can expect a realistic increase in strength, endurance and performance of about 20%-50% over the 12 weeks. We have however had clients who have achieved greater results.

Sport Specific:
Our sport specific programmes are designed to help you get the best out of your particular sport and achieve greater results within your field, be it Football, Rugby or Marathon running. ( Marathon plans are generally 18 weeks)

Metabolic and Fitness Assessment

Giving you a complete overall assessment of your current physical status, including segmental body-fat and muscle percentage (% of fat in each area of the body and any muscular imbalance). This will help to target the areas that require training the most.

The test will also show your resting metabolic rate (the amount of energy and calorie consumption required by your body to live.) From this figure we can calculate the exact amount of calories you need to eat to lose weight, grow or tone.

Included in the price is the vo2max test and fat burning zone, this is the amount of oxygen your body utilizes to create energy and disperse lactic acid, and where your body burns fat as a fuel source. By training within your fat burning zone, you will burn stored fat as opposed to the consumed carbohydrates. See full list of test below:

  • Weight
  • Total body fat
  • Fat % left arm- right arm, left leg-right leg, around the trunk
  • Muscle% overall
  • Muscle % left arm-right arm, left leg, right leg, trunk area
  • Basal metabolic rate and energy consumption
  • Metabolic age
  • Body Water %
  • Visceral fat (fat surrounding your organs)
  • Physique rating
  • Vo2max
  • Fat burning zone
  • Required calorie consumption
  • Calorie break-down (required amount of carbohydrate, protein and fat)
Personalised 12 Week Programme

Metabolic and Fitness Assessment
- £95

- £55


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Lisa Powell . Miss England Choreographer

Miss England Article

Hey Girls, with the Miss England finals over, the new Miss World Crowned. With Christmas just weeks away and me jetting off to spend Christmas & New Year with my family in Australia, I needed to concentrate on getting myself fit!!!!

Motivation, determination and commitment are what I lacked, so I decided to go and search for a personal trainer. However, not an easy task, unfortunately I suffer from some breathing problems so, I needed to source someone that would tailor my individual needs and requirements. That’s when I came across Josh, for further information log onto As a quick introduction, Josh has over 20 years experience and provides very detailed and highly professional advice, even tips on healthy eating. So there’s no excuse. Josh is even tailoring a programme to help me maintain my new healthy lifestyle whilst over in Oz!

My progress to date, I’ve trained 3 times a week for 4 weeks and have lost just over 6lbs (ok , so I’ve been exercising but I have to admit I’ve been a little naughty in the consumption of my calories!!!! Note to myself, new years resolution must stop the bad habit). Well the benefits I have more energy, my breathings has improved considerably, my concentration has defiantly improved. Oh and most importantly I’m starting to get my shape back by toning my muscles. I have to admit and I’m one of the biggest syncs but I really do feel so much better in myself. My clothes actually fit, although even more exciting I am verging on dropping a dress size yeppeee!!!!! If your looking to improve your fitness and health don’t delay get in touch and book Josh, you can even purchase gift vouchers, not bad with Christmas just around the corner.

Well all that’s left to say is have a fun & fab Christmas and New Year

Best Wishes

Lisa Powell – Miss England Choreographer
Dave Chadwick . Leicester, United Kingdom

I have been working with Josh for several weeks now. After training in the gym for many years I found that my motivation had become low and as a result my weight began to increase, and my body fat level began to rise with it. My energy levels were suffering and this had an impact on my work and social life.  I found myself going through the motions of going to the gym but was stuck in the same routine, and not really benefiting from it in any way. I began to question what I was doing wrong as I knew my diet was not that bad, though it was also far from perfect. I spoke to Josh and asked him to help me with this problem. He is a very approachable guy, who has only one thing in mind when dealing with his clients, and that is to help them reach their goals. He asked me what my aims were and what I wanted to achieve from my sessions. He worked out my overall body fat levels, weight and body mass and set a very achievable goal. My aim was to lose 1.5 stone and decrease my body fat dramatically. He even worked out exactly how much protein, carbs and fat I should be eating each day to ensure I not only reached my goal, but also to increase my energy levels.

Josh has really helped me gain back my confidence through the weight loss, and has brought back the feeling of wanting to be in the gym. It’s no longer a chore to get in to the gym; I actually want to be there. I cannot recommend him enough. I have had other personal trainers in the past but no one has had the knowledge, and interest in their clients as Josh does.

Thanks Josh
Jyoti . Leicester, United Kingdom

At the start of my sessions, I was in poor health. I suffered from high blood pressure and a resting heart rate of 110bpm. I was lacking endurance and stamina and found everyday things difficult. I have just completed my 14th week at 2 sessions per week and my resting heart rate is a healthy 68 and by blood pressure is normal. I run 7-10 kilometres 3 times a week now without getting tired. My body fat percentage has dropped from 34% to 23% and is still dropping. My strength and stamina are excellent and am now training for my first half marathon on the 18 week training plan designed for me by L.I.F.T.
Prakash . Leicester, United Kingdom

Having been a regular gym user for over 3 years, I found that I was not achieving any great results. I went on the Lean Intensive Fitness Training programme with one to one sessions for 12 weeks and the results were remarkable. At the age of 51 I just wanted to build core strength, especially in my arms as I run a professional a wedding video business (Prakash Video). Having to hold the video camera for hours on end was proving difficult. I found within the first four weeks of training with Josh I was able to lift 30% more than I had previously done. My arms were a lot stronger as were other areas of my body. After the 12 weeks I was able to double the weight I started with and went from not being able to lift my own body weight at the triceps dip machine to attaching a 20kg weight to my body.

I found the one to one sessions motivating and productive, with lots of advice on nutrition and balance diet tips which were easy to follow.
Ash Trivedi . Leicester, United Kingdom

I suffered from sciatica pain for years; being unable to perform the simplest of tasks was disheartening for me. I started personal training with Josh with scepticism because I thought I would never be able to train. Much to my surprise, straight from the offset he gave me a list of thing to do that started to work almost immediately. I can now complete a full workout session, do most of the things I could not even imagine, and the pain is almost nonexistent. Thank You so much Leanintensive.
Dan . Leicester, United Kingdom

Just prior to my snowboarding holiday I signed up for 12 sessions with Josh to improve my core strength and balance. Every year I’ve been snowboarding before and found it really hard on my legs and lacked stamina. Josh designed a specific programme for me and took me through some gruelling sessions, but my fitness level exceeded beyond anything I expected. He knows what he’s talking about. If you are willing to work hard and suffer the pain, he’s the guy to get you results. Hard work, but so worth it, now I just take the odd session for motivation.
Kerry Essex . Leicester, United Kingdom

I have been training with Josh for nearly 4 months, I’ve lost 32lb and went from a size 16 to 12. I’m really happy. Thank You .x
Sarah Bartling . Staffordshire, United Kingdom

After chatting to Josh on email, I ordered a diet plan and a training plan from leanintensive. I could not afford a gym membership and needed a plan that I could work with from home. I have been on the plan for 6 weeks now and lost 1.5stones in weight and dropped 2 dress sizes already and feel much fitter. The exercises were easy to follow from the diagram charts. Counting calories was the hardest but information on the leanintensive website helped. Everything was very well explained and I was able to email Josh at anytime with ant question and always got the help and motivation I needed from him. Thank you Josh, I could not have done it without your constant support.

Sarah Bartling
Sanchez R . Mexico City, Mexico

I have been training for nearly 3 years and not made any kind of difference to my body shape and then I ordered a 12 week training plan from Josh. I followed the plan for the full 12 weeks and also followed the diet advice. It made such a difference that I could not believe it. My body fat dropped in 6 weeks and I gained an inch in muscle mass in 12 weeks. I was so pleased that I ordered another revised 12 week plan. At first I was sceptical about ordering online, but I got a link to download my plan within 3 days and the CD and paper copies sent to me in the post within a week. I was really happy with the service and results. I recommended it to all my friends and two of my friends have just sent off for a program.



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